Interesting Elsewhere: Responsive design and #intranet stakeholder management

This week we’ve been looking at making our own sites more mobile-friendly. So in this edition of Interesting Elsewhere – the weekly round-up of thought-provoking reading from the Intranetizen team –  we’re taking a closer look at Responsive Design. We hope to bring you a blog post on the topic soon.

  • Examples of great responsive design: Some examples of great – and very different – approaches to responsive layout and design.
  • MyRoyalMail: This newly-launched extranet for Royal Mail staff is a great example of responsive design for employee engagement.
  • How to handle menus in responsive design: Navigation menus are one of the most challenging elements of responsive design. This piece, from Usabilla, gives so straightforward tips of finger-friendly navigation.

Other blogs and articles that caught our eye this week:

And what made us laugh:

Pele out of Context:  Pele became one of the most famous men in the world through his incredible feats on the football field. But you’d never know if by looking at these photos.

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  1. blinddrew

    Flexible working article is very good, worth comparing to the pictures on any article relating to hackers or hacking.
    My experience (anecdotal though it is) backs up the assertion that HR don’t get enterprise collaboration. There seems to be a great unwillingness to engage in 1-to-many conversation. If I was being uncharitable I would suggest that their comfort zone did not extend beyond 1-to-1, face-to-face conversations.
    As to the six core things stuff, the second one is tricky. I almost think it needs to be mandated.

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