Intranetizen #intranet 2013 resolutions

Earlier this week, James Robertson at Step Two Designs published a challenge for all intranet managers — identify, plan and execute three intranet new year resolutions. Gauntlet laid down, the intranetizen team gaze ahead, scan the 2013 objectives, cast their eyes over the long range planning and plot their three resolutions for 2013.

Plan, plan and plan again

Years ago, this particular intranet manager was a geologist and ever since, particularly in interviews, he’s constantly asked “What possible relevance has geology to the world of intranets, digital workplaces and social enterprises?” I confess, it’s a well rehearsed answer, but amongst the lessons learnt was that ‘time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted’. Translated to my current workplace, planning time is vital time.

James’ post lays down a fine challenge for us all to plan to deliver against three resolutions in the next three months so, what’s on the agenda for the intranetizen four (ok, three).


  1. Deliver mobile intranet solution (February 28): Naturally, this work is already underway (you surely didn’t expect me to deliver this from scratch in two months did you?). Really looking forward to what this could bring to our employees and company
  2. Develop next gen dashboard, act on findings (March 29): We have a suite of numbers already in play and it’s reaping some reward, but I’m always challenged by the idea of taking it to the next level and looking for stronger outcome-style measures. I’ve much to learn about what’s possible technically, what’s desirable and what others are doing
  3. Think mobility: Look to broaden access for supply chain (April 30): We have office access, mobile access (hopefully), home access and now we need better factory access. Maybe it’s production line machine access, maybe it’s tablets, maybe it’s a solution yet conceived, but with 7,000 people working in this area, so I’m certain there’s a huge opportunity here


  1. Deliver MySites (January): This objective is really more than just launching MySites. We will be focusing our time and efforts throughout the year to develop our ‘looking for an expert’ directory – a key objective that came out of our many surveys, interviews and focus groups
  2. Deliver Project sites (February): In compliment to the launch of phase 1 of our Intranet, we will be delivering project sites for both internal and internal-external teams. It pretty much does what it says on the box
  3. Deliver our Business Management System – BMS (April): Our business critical tool, that is accessed by 60% of our employees almost every day, is currently in development. This is a very exciting project which includes customised product document views, region views, audit and presence trails, and document review and archiving workflows


  1. Improve homepage by adding personalisation options (February): For most of last year we developed new functionality for our Homepage. By the end of February we should have this ‘live’ for everyone globally ready for our next stage or improvements (see #2)
  2. Launch first phase of improved enterprise social features (March): We’re investing in improved social capabilities and by march, the basics will be in place. This will lay the foundations for lots of my work in 2013
  3. Simplify user profiles to improve people and skill search results (April): Partly due to our social focus, and partly due to some major restructuring in the company our profile forms are out of date.  Rather than just sticky-plaster the issues April will see a big improvement that will enable improve people search and social skills search


So what are you planning? Make sure you read James’ post and share your three resolutions on the Step Two blog or on some of the other discussion forums. We look forward to reading your resolutions, learning and being enthused to deliver more. Good luck!

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  1. James Robertson

    You folk are rockstars!

    These are tremendously impressive lists of deliverables in three months, and I think it shows the traction all three of you have been able to gain in your organisations. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

    PS. I’m not expecting everyone to list such big things in their three-month plan 🙂

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