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Your employees are your best source of information, guidance and inspiration when designing, developing and launching your intranet. In a similar vein, we thought you’d be very handy in providing feedback on the new intranetizen design – building on some of the feedback that many of you have given on our current design. Have a mooch around our new design beta! The content is largely the same and there may be some bugs with some posts particularly those beyond the homepage, but let us know what you think. Thank you!

Take a look — (opens new window so you can compare and contrast)

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  1. Peter Richards

    Love the new look site Jonathan. I have become a big wordpress fan. In fact I build a promotional site for our company using a wordpress template that we conceved, built and live in less than 2 weeks. Check it out here Star Sydney.

    Probably my only issue is that my organisation is currently stuck using IE 8 as the standatrd browser and many of the responsive features and HTML5 do not work correctly in this browser version. Apart from that I have had no problems at all. Live I said, love the new layout and I look forward to reading lots of your insights in this new format.

    • @DigitalJonathan

      Thanks Peter. We’ve been using WordPress since we started — very easy, flexible and powerful. Good for blogs and with the right theme on board, good for a business website too.

      Glad you liked the upgrade. A few tweaks to go and we’ll be ready I think.

  2. Darren

    Overall nice, responsiveness works well and degrades nicely in ie.

    I personally found there wasn’t enough contrast between the grey text on grey background. (e.g events page) and the orange hyperlinks are a bit subdued and hard to read. (also Footer hover state colour).
    I may be over picky but background images used for posts (Conference Review) look quite jaggy.

    Love the Social Media pop-up bubble effect when hovering over author in articles.

  3. Juliana

    Hi Jonathan, I really love the new modern look!
    The only thing that I could say is that there are a few pages with a very strong image in the background and it gets really hard to read the text, specially with the white font…
    I love your posts, thank you for sharing!

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