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What does your intranet job title mean?

In the intranet and digital workplace community you can find a wide range of varying job titles, departments and responsibilities. It is a field that is expanding but isn’t regulated or recognised through a governing members association. We get lumped in with IT practitioners, HR generalists and internal comms specialists. We all know we do something different, but it is really hard to define what we do.  We have more responsibility, more tools to manage, more to think about, but do our current job titles give the complete picture?

Here at Intranetizen we want to know more about you; your job title, your role and responsibilities. We want to analyse where we have been and where we are going but we can’t do that without your participation.

We have put together a very simple survey, available to everyone in the intranet and digital workplace community, which asks 5 questions about your roles and responsibilities. We will be looking at our individual job titles and not necessarily the matrix of your intranet team. There is already a survey out there in association with ClearBox Consulting about intranet teams and their structure. If you haven’t completed their survey please do take a few minutes to help!

If you are like us and always wondered what different intranet job titles mean, then this is the survey for you to complete! Our survey will close on 22 August 2014.

We will post the results of the survey and our analysis in September.

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