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Team messaging app Slack took the enterprise world by storm in 2015, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s taken team messaging capabilities, added integration with a host of web apps, and put them all together in a stunning and highly usable design. Here’s a great post on that design and why it’s helped the platform become so successful.

Many intranet pros and bloggers have noted the excitement around Slack is starting to drive innovation across the enterprise technology landscape – forcing other players to up their game when it comes to service design and usability. In a recent post, Step Two’s James Robertson noted “Slack is a social phenomena. The excitement is breeding more interest, which is driving adoption and use. As a darling of Silicon Valley, it’s also getting traction in the C-Suite… it’s worth knowing more about, and it may well be coming to your organisation very soon”.

So like many digital workplace pros, we were keen to give it a go and find out more. So we’ve started our very own Slack group for intranet and digital workplace specialists. It’s a place where we can ask questions, share ideas and links, and generally get to know others in the community.

And we’d love for you to join us. If you’d like to participate, leave a comment below – we’ll send an invite to the address you use with your comment (it won’t be shown publicly).

We want this to be a place where we can share ideas, help each other out and debate some of the hot topics so are asking people not to sell their services or company.

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  1. denise cox

    I would love to join, as me/myself/i to see what all the noise about Slack is – really want to see it in action! thanks! denise

    • Shane

      Hi Dana, Afraid I have not received my invite. Would be great if you could resend my Slack invite. Cheers, Shane

      • Dana Leeson

        Hi Shane, Slack says we resent you an invitation. I just resent it so hopefully you see it soon. Maybe check spam folder?

    • Dana Leeson

      Hi Helena, we keep on getting a bounce back on your email. Not sure if you have received an invite yet. Do let us know

    • Sharon O'Dea

      Done! 60 requests for invites and over 50 have joined – it’s turning into a pretty vibrant community over there.

  2. Jim Lewis

    May I play? Lovely post from Alicia Blacklund turned me on to this discussion, and I am right there with her. Thanks in advance!

  3. Jim Lewis

    Oops – I just listened to a podcast about the difference in using “please” between Brits and Americans, so I’d like to update my above post to read “Please may I play?” Thanks! (BTW, check out The Allusionist – it’s brilliant. )

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