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Top tips for intranet demos

Whether you’re delivering a full redesign, content changes or some new functionality, every intranet manager finds they’re called on to talk people through the intranet on a regular basis. So often, in fact, that we rarely stop to think how we can do it better. [read more]

Facebook set to enter the intranet market

Social networking giant Facebook is looking to extend its reach into the digital workplace with a social collaboration offer to compete with giants such as Google, as well as enterprise social products such as Sharepoint and Jive. According to a report in the Financial Times this [read more]

10 Intranet features that really should exist

We learned yesterday that JP Morgan have an online resignation tool as part of their employee engagement programme. We expect there’s more to it than a big red “sod this, I’ve had enough, I’m off” button on the homepage. But it got us thinking: as [read more]

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for intranet managers

Massive Open Online Courses – known as MOOCs – are revolutionising access to higher education. By delivering courses through video lectures and online quizzes, university-level education can be made available to participants all over the world, free of charge. From lessons on molecular evolution to [read more]

Will audit kill the social intranet?

Digital workplace professionals have long predicted the death of email, as organisations pledge to kiss goodbye to it in favour of integrated communications and social intranets. But could those predictions prove premature? JP Morgan today announced they’re banning staff from using instant messaging in the wake [read more]