Top tips for intranet demos

Whether you’re delivering a full redesign, content changes or some new functionality, every intranet manager finds they’re called on to talk people through the intranet on a regular basis. So often, in fact, that we rarely stop to think how we can do it better. [read more]

What is the value of ‘likes’?

We’ve lived with the words ‘like’ and its hateful neologism ‘unlike’ since Facebook introduced it almost five years ago. It’s become a staple of social media sites. We’ve all-grown used to seeing — and using — the like button to express delight in a post, [read more]

Buzzword bingo for intranet conferences

Are you tired of ‘thinking outside the box’? Well we are too, and according to a recent survey, so are your intranet’s users. In a recent poll, employees admitted to being baffled by workplace jargon ten times a day on average. In this special pre-conference post, the [read more]

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme my intranet page!

You received a call, or an email, or someone stopped by your desk (neatly ignoring the submission form you have on your intranet), asking you to create them a page or team/project site. And, they don’t just ask for a page, they demand it!  Disinterest may be [read more]