Search and Destroy! Delete your way to intranet success

A great intranet helps people to connect, collaborate and create. We give employees tools to work together to produce content and documents, and to share that knowledge and output with the rest of the organisation. That’s a noble endeavour; all that collaborating and sharing makes people more [read more]

Is your intranet a Grand Design success or nightmare?

We’ve all seen Grand Designs or its ilk: a happy and often naive team set about building their grand vision of a home, armed with a rudimentary architect sketch, a woefully small budget and some enthusiasm. Six months down the line, they realise they don’t [read more]

Will audit kill the social intranet?

Digital workplace professionals have long predicted the death of email, as organisations pledge to kiss goodbye to it in favour of integrated communications and social intranets. But could those predictions prove premature? JP Morgan today announced they’re banning staff from using instant messaging in the wake [read more]