Search and Destroy! Delete your way to intranet success

A great intranet helps people to connect, collaborate and create. We give employees tools to work together to produce content and documents, and to share that knowledge and output with the rest of the organisation. That’s a noble endeavour; all that collaborating and sharing makes people more [read more]

Intranetizen #intranet 2013 resolutions

Earlier this week, James Robertson at Step Two Designs published a challenge for all intranet managers — identify, plan and execute three intranet new year resolutions. Gauntlet laid down, the intranetizen team gaze ahead, scan the 2013 objectives, cast their eyes over the long range [read more]

Intranet Upgrade: Picking the right agency

There comes a time when an intranet manager is faced with an intranet upgrade. Your intranet isn’t fit for purpose and the majority of your time is spent fixing things rather than developing and perfecting areas within. Does the thought of an upgrade excite you? [read more]

Intranet change freeze

This weekend we upgrade our Intranet.  But rather than it being the invisible, out of hours operation we had hoped, the sheer volume of data that needs to be moved means the work will take over 48 hours and as a result we are having [read more]