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The Intranet Beauty Pageant

At the recent IBF24 event, hosted by Paul Miller and the team at the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, the second annual “My Beautiful Intranet” competition was held. The winner was a good looking site from the Government of British Columbia. Congratulations to everyone who entered and [read more]

10 laws for intranet managers

From the outset of this post, it’s vital to point out that neither of the editors of Intranetizen are lawyers — reader, if we were, we’d not be publishing this, but would be charging you a small fortune for the next few paragraphs! It is [read more]

Intranet change freeze

This weekend we upgrade our Intranet.  But rather than it being the invisible, out of hours operation we had hoped, the sheer volume of data that needs to be moved means the work will take over 48 hours and as a result we are having [read more]