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Intranet UX: What drives a good user experience?

What is a great intranet user experience? Efficient functionality with a little fun, and a focus on keeping it simple maybe? Today, guest writer Carolyn Douglas, Founder / CEO of Intranet Connections, give us her insights on the intranet user experience journey and provides great [read more]

How to boost traffic to your intranet

Here at Intranetizen, we’ve talked about the need to measure the impact and performance of your intranet.  While success isn’t measured by page visitors, its hard to meet any of your goals if nobody come to the intranet in the first place. In this special [read more]

IntraTeam Event 2013 Roundup

With none of the Intranetizen team able to make the IntraTeam event this year, Martin Risgaard Rasmussen kindly offered to step in and write a review of the event. Thanks, Martin! As a true IntraTeam Event veteran attending the conference for the fourth time I [read more]

Making Enterprise 2.0 work – literally

A lot of companies are still in their phase for experimenting with what is called enterprise 2.0 or social business. For some this means to establish web 2.0 inspired tools such as blogs, wikis or unified communication solutions. For the others the approach leads to [read more]