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Top tips for intranet demos

Whether you’re delivering a full redesign, content changes or some new functionality, every intranet manager finds they’re called on to talk people through the intranet on a regular basis. So often, in fact, that we rarely stop to think how we can do it better. [read more]

How to boost traffic to your intranet

Here at Intranetizen, we’ve talked about the need to measure the impact and performance of your intranet.  While success isn’t measured by page visitors, its hard to meet any of your goals if nobody come to the intranet in the first place. In this special [read more]

Back to the basics of good community management

As the use of social tools in the enterprise has exploded over recent years, the role of community management is being talked about more and more. Yet confusion remains about exactly what it is, and whether it’s really needed. Social media purists argue authentic online communities [read more]

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme my intranet page!

You received a call, or an email, or someone stopped by your desk (neatly ignoring the submission form you have on your intranet), asking you to create them a page or team/project site. And, they don’t just ask for a page, they demand it!  Disinterest may be [read more]