Five years, 197 posts and one award

On 30 September, at Intranet Now, we were surprised and absolutely delighted to have received the Diamond Award, alongside Aussie intranet supremo James Robertson.

What is the Intranet Now Diamond award?

Now in its third year, the award is given in recognition of a remarkable contribution to the intranet profession. The award is given to an individual (or a group in our case) and not to a company or an intranet. It focuses on contribution to the community as well as excellent work.

Sam Marshall and Martin White took home the giant glass trophy in previous years and are part of the selection group alongside Intranet Now founders Wedge Black and Brian Lamb.

”For this year’s diamond award it was important to recognise how much practitioners bring to the intranet community. It takes extra effort to share what you do when you have a day job and need permission to show examples. Intranetizen are the deserving winners. They stand out for inspiring us with their thoughtful, practical and often witty take on intranets.” – Sam Marshall


“I can’t ignore the direct and valuable help and advice I’ve received from each of the Intranetizens over the years. But further, their open, generous contribution via their blog and presentations provides a wealth of insight and inspiration to our community. As four practitioners in four different companies, they know what’s going on.” – Wedge

We’re humbled to be in such outstanding company and we’d like to thank each of them for sharing their perspectives – we’ve learned a lot from them all.

Why Intranet Now is so important to the intranet community

We’d particularly like to thank Wedge and Brian for another fantastic conference. Intranet Now continues to go from strength to strength and has achieved so much since inception. Each year we encourage the community to attend and support by either presenting, volunteering on the day or by just attending.

Our key takeaways from this year’s conference are simple:

  1. Accessibility really mattersInvotra did a fantastic job in showing why accessibility is important. It’s a topic we’ve banged on about before. As intranet practitioners we need to make this a priority – it’s 2016!
  2. Agile and Governance. There were a lot of comments about taking an agile approach to intranet project deployment to management. Even a few remarked that SharePoint can be deployed agile! Our top presentation in this topic was from Neil Morgan.
  3. Measurement is an evil necessity. While everyone gets the outcomes not outputs approach, we didn’t really get a strong impression that anyone had got this properly covered. It is good to hear how people are trying to tackle measurement.
  4. Short, ignite format. Seven minute presentations mean presenters have to get to the point quickly. No drawn out argument but quick sound bites that inspire you and gives you that head start when you return back to work! We have been a fan for years and love that Intranet Now supports shorter presentations.

What’s next for Intranetizen

Jon and Luke created this blog a little over six years ago, having recognised the loneliness of our internal-facing profession and the value of sharing best practices in helping us all improve our intranets. Our mission is to champion intranets and the people who work on them. We share our thoughts on the profession so that others can learn from them, and we in turn can learn from the experiences that others share with us.

Each post written by us is debated, discussed, challenged and edited by all four of us. You may see just one name but we have had a hand in every single post on Intranetizen. This is what makes us unique, in our minds, we combine our diverse experience to present a balanced view with a bit of snark!

The Intranet Now Diamond award comes almost exactly five years since Intranetizen become the foursome you’ve come to know and love – when Jon and Luke met Dana at Sharon at a conference and asked them to join the club. The past half decade has been an exciting time to work in the intranet profession for each of us, and we’ve enjoyed learning from you all as we’ve done it.

Here’s to the next five years!
Dana, Jon, Luke and Sharon.

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  1. Dorje McKinnon

    Congratulations and well done from the South Pacific. Standing at my desk in the middle of the night about to help a client go live with their new intranet I know that “all alone” feeling you mention.
    Writing as much as you do at intranetizen, and keeping the quality high for so long is indeed a diamond achievement.
    Thank you.

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