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10 more #intranet features that really should exist

Here at Intranetizen we started thinking about the intranet features we’d love to see, but as yet haven’t seen the light of day. An hour later, we published our first ten but with so many left, we knew a second (and maybe third) instalment would [read more]

10 Intranet features that really should exist

We learned yesterday that JP Morgan have an online resignation tool as part of their employee engagement programme. We expect there’s more to it than a big red “sod this, I’ve had enough, I’m off” button on the homepage. But it got us thinking: as [read more]

Ensure intranet project failure: A guide for project sponsors

So you’re sponsoring the intranet project? Good work – you have an opportunity to really make a difference to an under-utilised and potentially hugely valuable tool that is already used by most of the company on a daily basis. But what’s that? You have heard [read more]

Top ten tips for intranet search

Search is one of the most useful features on an intranet – but it’s also one of the most complained-about. A poor search function doesn’t just mean users can’t find the content they want; it reduces user confidence in the whole intranet. Pages of irrelevant, [read more]

Networking for intranet managers

Intranet Management can be a lonely occupation. Even in larger organisations, there’s rarely more than one or two people with Intranets as their sole responsibility, while in smaller companies it falls to internal comms or someone in the web team. If you need others to [read more]