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Is your intranet a Grand Design success or nightmare?

We’ve all seen Grand Designs or its ilk: a happy and often naive team set about building their grand vision of a home, armed with a rudimentary architect sketch, a woefully small budget and some enthusiasm. Six months down the line, they realise they don’t [read more]

Will audit kill the social intranet?

Digital workplace professionals have long predicted the death of email, as organisations pledge to kiss goodbye to it in favour of integrated communications and social intranets. But could those predictions prove premature? JP Morgan today announced they’re banning staff from using instant messaging in the wake [read more]

An #Intranet Users Charter

While every intranet will differ in functionality and design based on the needs and culture of the business it serves, we can’t pretend our intranets exist in isolation. Our users spend the majority of time on other sites, many of them very good ones. They [read more]

Are you attending #IIC13?

Tomorrow the Intranetizen four (Jon, Luke, Sharon and Dana) will be off to Interact’s Interaction Intranet Conference. Same with last year, this is the only year where the Intranetizen team is on the speaking bill. Are you attending this year’s conference? What are you most [read more]

Time to Get Generation ‘Why’

If you have children in your life, you’ll be only too aware of the power of the question “Why?”. Repeatedly being asked why is an impressively (and deceptively) simple technique for getting to the heart of a subject and can form a useful part of [read more]