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The Intranetizen team are presenting at the Interaction Intranet conference in London this week — the only 2012 conference program to feature all four of us. In another first, we’ll be live-blogging the entire event on our website. Follow the build up, the conference and the slow wind down right here.

Interaction Intranet Conference LiveBlog

@danaleeson October 3, 20124:14 pm

Strive to enable your colleagues to be connected; to bea partof the culture, but balance it out. Sometimes you need together on a plane.

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:59 pm

Oops autocorrect failure. That was supposed to say – allow people to give feedback …

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:58 pm

A slow people to give feedback at the right stage.

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:53 pm

When do you know you are pushing collaboration too far? Remember it is not the silver bullet.

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:52 pm

Two sessions now and I wanted to be at both. Sorry to say Ikea lost and Michael Sampson won

@sharonodea October 3, 20123:39 pm

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:37 pm

And such a key takeaway.

@sharonodea October 3, 20123:32 pm

@danaleeson October 3, 20123:32 pm

Organic, grassroots (under the radar) launch works much better than a big launch but what do you do to avoid the lemming curve of social adoption?

@sharonodea October 3, 20123:24 pm

Now at Tim Walters’ talk on reasons for the failure of social. Great, engaging and useful talk.

@danaleeson October 3, 20122:45 pm

I agree.

@danaleeson October 3, 20122:44 pm

Good advice, if you call it a meeting they won’t attend. Rethink your team and objectives.

@danaleeson October 3, 20122:43 pm

Such great value

@danaleeson October 3, 20122:42 pm

CCE uses a 3 column approach to their intranet homepage – communication, collaboration and tasks.

@danaleeson October 3, 20122:40 pm

our very own Jon is presenting to a very large crowd on CCE’s iConnect intranet

@sharonodea October 3, 20122:37 pm

Great case study session from Arriva – a huge and complex organisation, with large numbers of non-desk-based employees, and working in many languages.

@sharonodea October 3, 20122:28 pm

In the Arriva session, someone’s asked what platforms eh looked at for their intranet before deciding on Interact.

If anyone’s asking the same, take a look at our Vendor Review series: !https://www.intranetizen.com/category/vendor-review/

@sharonodea October 3, 20122:12 pm

Arriva had to deal with language barriers, different communication styles, multiple time zones. They needed a comms hub that would work for all languages and styles, where people could share, which was easy to manage… And cheap too.

The holy grail, right?

@sharonodea October 3, 20122:04 pm

Into the split sessions now. I’m reporting from the Fleet room on the Arriva case study. Dana’s blogging from the other room, where Jon is presenting on his Coca-Cola iConnect intranet.

@sharonodea October 3, 20121:55 pm

@danaleeson October 3, 20121:46 pm

Intranet managers need to be a musician that can play many instruments. How true.

@sharonodea October 3, 20121:30 pm

Afternoon session kicking off now with Janus Boye. His talk is called Sharing is Caring.

@danaleeson October 3, 20121:30 pm

We are back! Janus Boye is now up talking about sharing is caring for your intranet

@danaleeson October 3, 201212:14 pm

Off to lunch now

@sharonodea October 3, 201212:13 pm

@sharonodea October 3, 201212:04 pm

@danaleeson October 3, 201212:02 pm

Will be using this phrase in an upcoming meeting 😉

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:59 am

Do you have a connected company? Is it moving away from a hierarchical structure?

Let’s not ignore core functions and support but there should be a central point of collective intelligence – available to all employees

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:51 am

If your intranet isn’t a part of your working day, stand back and think of small steps to change it.

@sharonodea October 3, 201211:51 am

Now on to Lee Bryant from Headshift on being inside the social business.

Digital natives expect better experiences – real-time information, not hundreds of docs. Consumerisation of IT is changing expectations.

@sharonodea October 3, 201211:37 am

Sam Marshall recommends we focus on what *really* motivates people at work: Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose.

Gamification only works when it taps into that. No one wants a badge for booking a meeting room.

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:24 am

Do others agreee?

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:20 am

And he has a free white paper on his website on virtual team.

@sharonodea October 3, 201211:19 am

Sam Marshall up now – Loving the Intranet: rethinking intranet adoption.

Some great tips so far.

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:02 am

Great suggestions of resources to bookmark

@danaleeson October 3, 201211:01 am

Thanks Martin

@lukemepham October 3, 201210:59 am

I’ve checked off a few boxes in buzzword bingo – but not that many yet!

@sharonodea October 3, 201210:57 am

Now on to Martin White, talking about getting the most of virtual teams.

Started by talking about the Challenger disaster – which, on investigation, was caused in large part by poor virtual working.

Then talked about cultural differences and their impact on virtual team decision-making. He recommends reading mr of the work of Geert Hofstede http://geert-hofstede.com/

@sharonodea October 3, 201210:50 am

Well, we did our ignite presentations. They varied from relaxed and professional (Jon’s), to shambolic (mine), crazy (Dana’s) and funny (Luke’s).

We’ll stick them on Slideshare at some point.

@sharonodea October 3, 20129:45 am

“Content is NOT king. People are king” – this is certainly the case on social intranets.

@sharonodea October 3, 20129:40 am

James Robertson:

– The intranet should deliver your core business. For example, managing your tasks, understanding what policies you need to know and which you’ve read.
– An intranet can be an indispensable business tool

@sharonodea October 3, 20129:28 am

Another key message from James: you can’t deliver bad intranets to mobile. People are much less tolerant of bad design and functionality on a mobile device.

@DigitalJonathan October 3, 20129:24 am

James is a great speaker and this is a great showcase of great intranets

@sharonodea October 3, 20129:17 am

Conference kicking off – with a few sore heads following the excellent awards dinner last night. First up is James from Step Two Designs, on Intranets that Delight and Amaze.

“Intranets can’t afford to be useful but ugly. It says ‘hey, this is a thing we don’t care about, and maybe you shouldn’t either”.

@DigitalJonathan October 3, 20127:04 am

Decided against the ‘Run with the Vikings’ in favour of extra sleep and coffee. #newfather

@DigitalJonathan October 2, 20126:45 pm

Hotel bar. Spotted Janus, Guy, Martin Risgaard. Intranetizen team gathering soon

@DigitalJonathan October 2, 20122:53 pm

At Bristol Parkway station on my way to #iic12

@DigitalJonathan October 2, 201211:42 am

(hastily adds a picture of an elephant for instant conference appeal)

@sharonodea October 2, 201211:19 am

While the conference day isn’t till tomorrow, Interact are holding customer workshops today. Follow the action from there on the #iic12 hashtag on Twitter.

Sounds like we’re missing some strange intranet talk:

@DigitalJonathan October 1, 20129:23 pm

Mmm. Attacked by my cat. I’m going to look a picture when presenting on Wednesday.

@DigitalJonathan October 1, 20125:06 pm

Wow, the team are in that London already, setting up. Looks like it’s going to be a great few days.

@DigitalJonathan October 1, 201212:25 pm

I’ll just let ThatLondon know…

@sharonodea October 1, 201212:19 pm

Watch out! The team from Interact Intranet are on the move to ThatLondon.

@sharonodea October 1, 201212:03 pm

It wasn’t the *only* thing I thought about. Other topics included the enormous roast dinner I’d have when I finished the race, and my sheer relief at having failed to gain a place in the 2013 London Marathon.

Looking forward to meeting up with so many intranet pros this week – some I’ve met before, and others I haven’t seen since last year.

@DigitalJonathan October 1, 201211:52 am

(5mins a presentation? Seriously… that’s a fast half-marathon)

@sharonodea October 1, 201211:50 am

Me too! I’m going to add the final touches to my deck this evening. I was mentally rehearsing it as I ran the Ealing half marathon yesterday. Anything to take my mind off the pain 🙂

@danaleeson October 1, 201211:08 am

Getting excited for Wednesday!

@danaleeson October 1, 201210:30 am

My presentation requires some audience participation, I hope everyone is ready to be active Wednesday morning.

@DigitalJonathan September 29, 20128:02 pm

Well, it may be Saturday night, but the team are working! Just seen Dana’s and Luke’s presentations — ace! I think its going to be a fun and fast 20minutes!

@DigitalJonathan September 28, 201210:23 am

… and just seen Sharon’s deck too! Nice. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

@DigitalJonathan September 27, 20125:01 pm

Fired over my latest edit to my lightning presentation earlier today. Really looking forward to Wed.

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  1. Jo

    Nice one – cant wait for the Conference. I was supposed to be doing a session with Andrew Wright, but he can’t make it now.

    See you Wednesday!

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