Interesting Elsewhere: #intranets, BYOD and the deskless, freelance future

Friday again! Where does the time go? An excellent #intranet week this week: Clarks winning the Gold award at the Digital Impact Awards, and the IBF meeting in London. But if you do nothing else this week, catch up on your reading with our selected highlights of the blogs, forums and news sites.

What caught our eye this week:

  • What happens when staff use their own devices for work? They do their job: Another well thought out post supporting BYOD. Simply put, people prefer their own devices to the ones they get at work. If they are using something they like they will actually get on and do their job. Makes sense doesn’t it?
  • The intranet of the freelance future: Chris Tubb’s synopsis of Stowe Boyd’s presentation (Meaning conference) is one of optimism for the future. Stowe describes himself as a “speculative designer” and focuses on the impact of the social tools we think we know, and we think we love. And, he believes that we are moving into the post-normal era, when the rate of change of technology, the impact of social tools and the pressing concerns of problems such as global climate change mean that everything changes.
  • If you build it, will they really come? This post reminds us that we should never assume and always be prepared. Adoption of social tools take time, commitment and patience. If you are planning to launch a social enterprise tool you need to have a plan.
  • The evolving role of content management in modern intranets: We can all agree that intranets have evolved. Take a look at your own intranet. How has it changed since you joined the organisation? Are you prepared for the next evolution?
  • The days of having your own desk is numbered: Do you still have a desk that is all your own at work? Well, if you do you are one of the few. Within the next 5 years Australian companies will embrace the desk-free workplace. Maybe it is time your company does the same.
  • CIPR Inside Awards: CIPR Inside has launched a new awards programme. There are a number of categories people can enter including best intranet, best in-house team, best change communications programme and more. Take a look and enter. There are many benefits to winning an award. We’re particularly interested in the requirement for analytics as part of the submission — are they measuring the right things?

What made us laugh this week:

After this week’s US Presidential debate, many asked what Mitt Romney meant when he said he had “binders full of women”. But don’t worry, a Tumblr soon appeared to clear that up.