Interesting elsewhere: gamification, SharePoint, stakeholder interviews and statistics

Woot! It’s Friday! What does that mean other than the impending weekend? It means the Intranetizen crew are bringing you the latest summary of amazing reads that graced our iPads this week. Excited yet? You should be!

What caught our eyes this week:

  • 10 intranet writing tips (even if you rock at business writing): Lexi Rodrigo writes a very pragmatic and straight-forward post on 10 tips for writing on the intranet. If you are struggling to make your content pop then take note!
  • SharePoint costs more than organisations realise: Your IT department wants SharePoint. Your Execs want SharePoint. But do your users really want SharePoint? And do you really know what it means to implement an Intranet on SharePoint? If you are asking all of these questions and more then this is the post for you.
  • How to conduct a stakeholder interview: Sorce has developed a whitepaper to help you organise and lead stakeholder interviews. If you are planning tp poll your stakeholders then it would be useful to download the whitepaper and see what Sorce is saying.
  • Gamifying the Intranet: We have all heard it, people want gamification on their intranet because they think it is cool and will help increase stats. But what does it really mean and is it really worth it? Remember, it is about striking a balance, exactly what we said two months ago.
  • Measure the intranet you have (not the one you don’t have): Every month intranet managers have to deliver analysis on our monthly statistics but what do they really mean? Are you setting the bar too high? This post reminds us that we need to evaluate the intranet against our own specific strategy and roadmap and not on what other organisations deliver.

What made us think this week:

  • Every Friday we post a funny; something that made us laugh that week. But with Hurricane Sandy hitting the Caribbean and North America this past week it made us sit back and think about what we have and what we could lose. Our thoughts go out to those affected by Sandy.


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