Interesting elsewhere: Design, Usability, Writing and Future of Work

Fridays mean fish for supper and another summary post of interesting articles from your Intranetizen team. So, what caught our eye this week?

What were we reading this week

  • How design is transforming modern intranets: James Robertson and the StepTwo team talk about how good design is a usability enabler and an engagement driver. This deck features some live examples to learn from.
  • A SharePoint intranet out of the box: Interest article for SharePoint (or potential SharePoint) customers. We’re cautious — you can have an out-of-the-box intranet if your company is out-of-the-box.
  • 10 intranet writing tips: Lexi and the Noodle team provide a great summary of the top tips when writing for your corporate intranet. This article is not just for communicators — designers, coders, architects should also take note because you’ll need to be able to accommodate these requests.
  • 10 workplace trends: A fine summary of a new report from Intel called “The Future of Knowledge Work”, this post reviews the 10 things SMEs will need to understand with significant impact for the digital workplace and intranets

And what made us laugh this week…

Oh now, it had to be US election based. Enjoy the brilliance of Bad Lip Reading as Mitt Romney says “Let’s haunt this misery stump”.