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Best of Intranetizen 2012

The Best of Intranetizen 2012 post does exactly what it says on the tin — a round up of the best posts of the year, all in one place. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, your comments, your wit, your fair criticism and praise this year. See you in 2013.

Top 10 posts by view

  1. Are these really the 10 best intranets of 2012 (January) by Sharon
  2. 10 laws for intranet managers (May 2011) by Luke
  3. 10 characteristics of a great intranet (March 2011) by Jonathan
  4. What’s in an intranet name? (March 2012) by Jonathan
  5. 14 signs you’ve lost the intranet plot (Feb 2012) by Jonathan
  6. Intranet 2012 predictions (Jan 2012) by Luke
  7. Should SharePoint 2013 be on your intranet roadmap (September 2012) by Sam Marshall, Guest Blogger
  8. Top 10 tips for intranet search (March 2012) by Sharon
  9. Digital workplace hype cycle (Aug 2012) by Sharon
  10. Big bang theory for intranets (July 2012) by Luke


Top 10 posts for discussion and debate from 2012

  1. 14 signs you’ve lost the intranet plot (Feb 2012) by Jonathan
  2. Big bang theory for intranets (July 2012) by Luke
  3. Where are all the US intranet managers (September 2012) by Sharon
  4. Intranet 2012 predictions (Jan 2012) by Luke
  5. Are these really the 10 best intranets of 2012 (January) by Sharon
  6. Is your intranet award winning (May 2012) by Sharon
  7. What’s in an intranet name? (March 2012) by Jonathan
  8. Advanced Intranets and Portals Conference Review (June 2012) by Sharon
  9. What do you want — a medal? (September 2012) by Sharon
  10. Digital workplace hype cycle (Aug 2012) by Sharon

It seems that if you want debate, get Sharon to write!


Our 2012 conference reviews

  1. Advanced Intranets and Portals Conference Review #cgint (June 2012) by Sharon
  2. La Rencontre International des responsables intranet #riri12 (Nov 2012) by Jonathan
  3. JBoye Aarhus Conference Review #jboye12 (Nov 2012) by Sharon
  4. IntraTeam Copenhagen  (March 2012) by Sharon
  5. Interaction Intranet conference review #iic12 (Nov 2012) by Sharon
  6. IntraNET Reloaded conference review #intra_reloaded (Apr 2012) by Jonathan 


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