Intranatter podcast – Intranetnow conference

Last week, the Intranetizen team caught up with Wedge Black to record a new episode of Intranatter — the Intranetizen podcast. Our topic was of course the very successful IntranetNow conference held in London on the 5th October.

What was it all about?

There are some fundamentals in the DNA of the IntranetNow conference that make it a special event for us all. The first of these strands is community: this event feels like intranets’ annual general meeting, a place to build networks and meet old faces once again. Wedge and Brian also work hard to encourage new community voices to the stage so that we’re hearing new stories from new companies and presenters.

On our podcast, we discuss the IntranetNow DNA and the presentation themes. This year was less about the ‘shiny new thing on the block’ and more about getting the fundamentals right. We only heard a few references to Workplace or even O365, but we heard a number of times about information architecture, of search, of tagging and of analytics.

What’s coming up?

In their “What really happened at IntranetNow” blog post, we got a behind-the-scenes view on the conference through Wedge and Brian’s eyes. Calamari, cheese, prawns, coffee, search, tagging and analytics – what a day! On our podcast, we talk to Wedge about how the conference came together and some headlines for next year’s event.

The Diamond Award

Wedge gives a little insight into the process behind selecting the IntranetNow Diamond Award. As former winners, we’d like to add our congratulations to Ellen Van Arkle for her induction into the motley crew.

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