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The future looks like Oslo?

Borgen, The Bridge, novels by Stieg Larsson – it appears that the whole world has Scandimania. Last night, tech behemoth Microsoft jumped on the bandwagon, announcing their new app Oslo at this years SharePoint Conference (twitter hashtag SPC14). In a peculiarly Philomena Cunk style question, [read more]

Intranetizen explained

We often get asked what the long term plan for intranetizen is. Tongue-in-cheek, we suspect a few consultants are slightly worried we might sneak on to their patch! But it’s a great question and one that we had struggled to answer. Recently, the team gathered [read more]

Beta Intranetizen

Your employees are your best source of information, guidance and inspiration when designing, developing and launching your intranet. In a similar vein, we thought you’d be very handy in providing feedback on the new intranetizen design – building on some of the feedback that many [read more]

Intranet2015: The Experts View

As part of every intranet managers purview will be long range planning  for your intranet or digital workplace. Part of the input will be from your users and some will be from your business leaders, but will either be ambitious enough? In today’s Intranetizen post, [read more]

Intranetizen #intranet 2013 resolutions

Earlier this week, James Robertson at Step Two Designs published a challenge for all intranet managers — identify, plan and execute three intranet new year resolutions. Gauntlet laid down, the intranetizen team gaze ahead, scan the 2013 objectives, cast their eyes over the long range [read more]

2013 #intranet predictions

Last January we predicted a drive for home working, a push to get social with SharePoint, a need to prove the worth of intranet of today (with metrics), and a swing in investment to search and find-ability over ‘pushing’ news. And we were mostly right (phew!). So [read more]

How right were our #intranet 2012 predictions?

A year ago, Team Intranetizen had a punt on what we felt would be the biggest changes in the intranet industry in 2012.  So were we right? Let’s take a look back at those and see if we were on the money. (more…) Share this:ShareFacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedInEmailPrintReddit