Navel Gazing


So long 2016

There are two choices for the last post of the year. Some years we’ve opted for the ‘predictions’ post: a sharp look at the year ahead, using our deep industry knowledge to draw attention to the key trends for 2017. As Niels Bohr said, “Predictions [read more]

Intranetizen is back

It’s been some time since we have written a post. Actually, it’s been over five months, which has surprised a lot of people, especially the four of us. We did receive a lot of questions if Intranetizen was over, or did we have a genius plan [read more]

Intranetizen explained

We often get asked what the long term plan for intranetizen is. Tongue-in-cheek, we suspect a few consultants are slightly worried we might sneak on to their patch! But it’s a great question and one that we had struggled to answer. Recently, the team gathered [read more]

Introducing our new writers

Intranetizen has now been live for almost a year in various forms and we’ve hugely enjoyed the writing and your collaboration and support over those months. We’re delighted to have added two new writers to the intranetizen team who we believe will bring a whole [read more]