Top tips for intranet demos

Whether you’re delivering a full redesign, content changes or some new functionality, every intranet manager finds they’re called on to talk people through the intranet on a regular basis. So often, in fact, that we rarely stop to think how we can do it better. [read more]

Intranet white lies we have all said

There are those days, even those meetings, where you know you are going to have a tough conversation; either with a colleague, a stakeholder or a content owner about what they want to do or see on the intranet. Try as you might but your [read more]

Five reasons why carousels have no place on your intranet

Carousels are great news for the stressed out intranet manager who wants to keep their stakeholders happy by telling them their story or campaign is on the front page. What they’re not very good for is communicating a message to users.  Here are five reasons [read more]

How to boost traffic to your intranet

Here at Intranetizen, we’ve talked about the need to measure the impact and performance of your intranet.  While success isn’t measured by page visitors, its hard to meet any of your goals if nobody come to the intranet in the first place. In this special [read more]