What’s in an intranet name?

Does your intranet have a name? Is it an important branding feature or just lipstick on a pig? If you are developing your intranet, it’ll no doubt be a topic that you’re wrestling with right now. This post will look at the case for and [read more]

Intranet Upgrade: Picking the right agency

There comes a time when an intranet manager is faced with an intranet upgrade. Your intranet isn’t fit for purpose and the majority of your time is spent fixing things rather than developing and perfecting areas within. Does the thought of an upgrade excite you? [read more]

Why scalability isn’t always right

Turning the difficult and complicated into a good user experience that precisely meets the needs of its user grou is the holy grail of web projects.

In this latest intranetizen post, Sharon looks at the latest award winning intranets and argues that their focus on delivering precisely what their users need is what makes the end product so good — and so impossible to scale.

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4 intranet personalisation models

Intranet personalisation is the ideal route to delivering a cohesive, singular user experience, provide for thousand of personal content nuances, and maximise personal relevance, but getting it right is far from easy.

The precise model you’ll adopt for your next intranet iteration will depend on the employees, technology, governance and culture in your organisation.

This post discusses personalisation broadly and identifies 4 potential models for your next intranet.

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