My ugly intranet: a call for submissions

We’ve all seen the case studies showing beautifully-executed intranet projects, with their perfect UX, top-notch features and stylish design. But what’s hidden in the dark recesses of your intranet? Or those other intranets you don’t like to talk about?

We’re looking for examples of intranet pages which are just plain rubbish. Totally pointless functionality, design that should have been left in the 90s and pages that make no sense. We’ve all got ugly pages of our intranet hidden in the outermost reaches of our servers. Worse still, some of us have this stuff and people actually like it and want more!

If you have a dreadful intranet page – perhaps a historical one – we’d love to see it. And, we think you secretly want to ridicule it too. Send in your submissions to hello@intranetizen.com, or add them to Twitter or Pinterest with the hashtag #uglyintranet. We’ll feature the very worst in a future post.

We’re happy to obscure any features which identify your company or organisation (or feel free to do this before submitting), and won’t identify any contributor.