Managing an intranet can be a pretty lonely occupation – we’re often battling alone to make our intranets better. But there’s a thriving community of intranet pros who are happy to share their experiences. Here’s a few places to get started.


All four of us get all our news from Twitter. Follow the #intranet hashtag for the latest industry news and blogs, as well as to connect with fellow intranet specialists. To make life a bit easier, we’ve created an Intranetizen twitter list with the key people that we think you should follow. There is a growing list of other hastags you may want to follow such as #esn and #dw.


While intranets rarely get a mention in mainstream IT industry news sites, there’s an impressive range of intranet managers, consultants and researchers out there who regularly blog on all aspects of intranet management.

Here are a few of the blogs we religiously follow:


Another sign of the increasing maturity of the industry is the emergence of dedicated conferences for intranet professionals. No longer are we expected to be happy with a couple of workshops within a broader web event; now there are events taking place all over the world, covering a wide range of intranet topics in their agenda.

Take a look at our constantly-updated intranet and digital workplace events page.


If you can’t stretch to a conference, Digital Workplace Live,  the monthly online offering from the Digital Workplace Group, is excellent value. Using a WebEx meeting, and compered by DWG’s Paul Miller, this gives you a whistlestop tour though some of the world’s leading intranets. Fantastic for generating new ideas.

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for intranet managers, with a burgeoning number of groups covering all aspects of intranet comms, collaboration, design, usability and governance.

Intranetizen’s top five LinkedIn groups:

Pinterest, the newest kid on the social media block, is a good place to find design inspiration.  Some good collections of intranet (and web) designs can be found from:

We hope that’s inspired you to get out there and connect with – and learn from – others in the intranet industry. If you’ve got a favourite group, blog or event, let us know.

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