Sharing knowledge is the entire raison d’etre of Intranetizen. By learning from one another, we all make better intranets. So we’re pleased to see a growing number of excellent events and webinars dedicated to all aspects of intranets and the digital workplace.

It’s a sign of the increasing maturity of the industry that intranets are no longer afforded just a session or two at a Knowledge Management or IT conference. Intranet events and online demos give practitioners the opportunity to look behind each other’s firewalls and learn from them, as well as network with industry peers.

Here’s a selection of events scheduled in the next few months. If you know of others, or would like us to speak at your event,  let us know via our contact page. Those events marked with an asterix (*) feature one or more of the Intranetizen team speaking. Events with year dates indicate reviews that we’ve published.

We will help where we can to promote your event, especially if you’re offering a discount to Intranetizen readers!

January 2016

28: Intranet Showcase (London)

February 2016

2-4: Transitioning to a Digital Workplace (Atlanta)
10: Showcase your intranet (Sydney)
18: Intranet Showcase (Newbury)
28-2 Mar: Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest (Melbourne) *

March 2016

1-3: IntraTeam (Copenhagen)
2: Intranet Showcase (London)
15-16: IntranatDagarna (Stockholm)
22: Congres Intranet 2016 (Utrecht)
22-24: Intranet and Collaboration Solutions (Paris)
23: Intranet Showcase (Manchester)

April 2016

6: Intranet Now: Search workshop (London)
 Social Now (Lisbon)
: Intranet Showcase (London)
18-19: IABC EuroComm 2016 (Rotterdam)
21-22: Intra.NET Reloaded Boston (Boston)
25-29: APQC Knowledge Management Conference 2016 (Houston)
28-29: Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin (Berlin)

May 2016

3-5: JBoye Philadelphia 2016 (Philadelphia)
5-6: IoIC Live (Birmingham)
12: Intranet Now: Enterprise social networking workshop (Birmingham)
26: Intranetverk 2016 Gothenberg (Gothenberg)

June 2016

1-3: Intranets 2016 (Sydney)
22: AIIM Forum UK (London)
26-28: AIIM Conference (New Orleans)
30: Intranet Now: Intranet strategy workshop (London)

July 2016

20: Intranet Now: Writing intranet content workshop London)

September 2016

29: Intranetverk 2016 Malmo (Malmo)
29-30: Social Business Collaboration 2016 (Berlin)
30: Intranet Now (London)

October 2016

20: Intranetverk 2016 Stockholm (Stockholm)
27: Findability Day (Stockholm)
TBC: Intranet Global Forum 2016 (New York)

November 2016

1-3: JBoye Aarhus 2016 (Aarhus)

15-17: KMWorld 2016 (Washington)

December 2016

2: The corporate intranet. One channel to rule them all? by Sequel Group (London UK)

If you’ve got one coming up which would be of interest to our readers, let us know. For another take on events, please see Martin White’s excellent list.

We try and review every event we attend, so that others can choose the very best events to spent their training budgets on. Here’s some of our past reviews:

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