Introducing our new writers

Intranetizen has now been live for almost a year in various forms and we’ve hugely enjoyed the writing and your collaboration and support over those months. We’re delighted to have added two new writers to the intranetizen team who we believe will bring a whole new perspective on intranets and make a huge contribution to the community.

Sharon O’Dea is Intranet Manager at the Houses of Parliament, where she managed the rollout of a new CMS, as well as delivery of an award-winning mobile intranet platform for MPs and Peers. Starting her professional career as a journalist for The Guardian at the age of 14, Sharon has worked in corporate communications for Westminster Council, Defra, Save the Children and others.

Dana Leeson, a native of Waterloo Canada, is the intranet manager at the British Standards Institution. With extensive third-sector experience, including a 3 year post as President of a charity, Dana is a communication, project management and internal social media expert with a brilliant insight into the role of intranets in organisations.

A huge welcome to you both.