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Friday – you know the drill. Its time for us to share the best of this weeks intranet related interwebery.  All of the Intranetizen crew have been busy in the real world – but we still found time to click a few links and get some knowledge.

What caught our eye this week:


What made us laugh this week:

Remember the kerfuffle when Ikea airbrushed all the women out of their Saudi catalogue?  What would happen if you replaced all the women in other famous pictures and advertising with Ikea products?

I(KEA) got 99 problems, but the bitch ain’t one


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  1. blinddrew

    Love the manifesto piece – excellent work.
    As a heavy SM user it’s difficult to comment on why people don’t switch onto corporate social media, but it’s worth noting that most people don’t contribute in large scale meetings or telecons either. Maybe they just have nothing they want to say?
    As to the mobile side of things, I think, at our place at least, you’re only going to reach a tiny proportion of your user base focusing on mobile. And they’re generally the senior folks who don’t contribute anyway…

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