Join the intranet community on Slack

Team messaging app Slack took the enterprise world by storm in 2015, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s taken team messaging capabilities, added integration with a host of web apps, and put them all together in a stunning and highly usable design. Here’s [read more]

Yammer & Klout: An intranet game too far

Earlier today, Yammer and Klout announced details of a new strategic partnership that will see Klout scores added to Yammer profiles. On the face of it, these are two complementary technologies — one providing prescient social networking functionality and the other giving an instant read-out [read more]

What is the value of ‘likes’?

We’ve lived with the words ‘like’ and its hateful neologism ‘unlike’ since Facebook introduced it almost five years ago. It’s become a staple of social media sites. We’ve all-grown used to seeing — and using — the like button to express delight in a post, [read more]

Making Enterprise 2.0 work – literally

A lot of companies are still in their phase for experimenting with what is called enterprise 2.0 or social business. For some this means to establish web 2.0 inspired tools such as blogs, wikis or unified communication solutions. For the others the approach leads to [read more]