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It’s not about the outputs, it’s about the outcomes

Warren Buffet, the legendary billionaire investor put it rather succinctly when he said that “Accounting is the language of business” – it’s the numbers that shows how a business is performing and it’s the numbers that shareholders look at to understand how their investment is [read more]

Intranet Executive Blogs

Executive blogs have the potential to be a genuinely powerful communication vehicle, but in our experience from countless intranets, they seem to frequently miss the mark. Here are a few observations which will help you improve the impact of blogging in your organisation. Thanks to [read more]

Milestones on the intranet mobile roadmap

In her excellent report on Digital Workspace trends, Jane McConnell pointed out that the corporate intranet is becoming increasingly ‘place independent’ — that is to say, employees are expecting to be able to access their intranet from wherever they so choose. For some, that meant [read more]

Why scalability isn’t always right

In 2004, Clay Shirky wrote a forward-thinking essay on what he called Situated Software; “software designed for a particular social situation or context”. He predicted that “the design center of a dozen users, so hard to serve in the past, may become normal practice… we’ll [read more]

Introducing our new writers

Intranetizen has now been live for almost a year in various forms and we’ve hugely enjoyed the writing and your collaboration and support over those months. We’re delighted to have added two new writers to the intranetizen team who we believe will bring a whole [read more]

5 tips for building trust on your intranet

As a seasoned internet user, you’ll be acutely aware of the risks of believing everything you see or read on the web. Clever phishing attempts, Nigerian 419 email scams, promises of wonderdrugs and elaborate email chains have made internet users rightly cynical about what they [read more]