Nielsen Norman Design Awards

Nielsen Norman Design Awards

While we at Intranetizen have occasionally been critical of the way they apply findings from a small sample of winners to declare them trends across the industry, there’s no doubt the winners of the Neilsen Norman Intranet Design Annual are best-in-class intranets. They recognise innovation in [read more]

Who won what in 2012: Roll-call of the best #intranets

If you’re looking for inspiration when writing your 2013 #intranet plan or resolutions, where should you start looking? One of the best places is to seek advice from those intranet managers whose intranets have won awards. In an earlier post, we let you know which [read more]

Are these the ten best intranets of 2013?

Last week Nielsen Norman Group published the 2013 edition of their design annual, widely regarded as the most comprehensive guide to trends in intranet design. Since 2001, usability guru Jakob Neilsen and his team have tracked changes in design and functionality for intranets and made [read more]

Is your intranet award winning?

We’ve all heard the spiel about the digital workplace improving every corner of your business, transforming the way employees work. Intranets, we’re told, are a productivity engine, making everyone’s life a little easier. Yet despite this, intranets rarely get much attention from bigwigs. And when they [read more]

Are these really the 10 best intranets of 2012?

This month saw the publication of Neilsen Norman Group’s intranet design annual. Over the past 12 years, this annual snapshot has charted the evolution of intranets from the unloved stepchild of the web family to business-critical tool. Intranetizen takes a look at some of the [read more]